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In today's global competition, taking services of a reliable website development company is important. Here at APICAL CONSULTING you can get cost-effective website development services which can significantly help you maintain a lead with your competitors. APICAL’S ASO strategy consists for the following key factors:

    1. Understanding Your Target Audience Is the Most Crucial Component of an ASO Strategy

    Most app marketers start off on the wrong foot because they don’t know their target audience. Unfortunately, the “How Did You Hear About Us” form doesn’t exist in the app store and users come for infinite reasons. In order to develop a winning ASO strategy, you must identify your target group (or groups) and tailor your app marketing efforts accordingly.

    Choose a particular group of users at which your app is aimed and create a target profile from thereYour target user profile should consider age, gender, culture, education/socioeconomic level, place of residence, etcetera. All of these attributes play a critical role in the decision to download your app. 

    1. A Strong ASO Strategy Goes Far Beyond Keyword Optimization

    I have found that when many developers think of ASO, they predominantly think of improving discoverability by optimizing the keywords they use in their app’s metadata.

    • Keyword optimization is unarguably an important component of a healthy ASO strategy, and can certainly help you achieve more organic growth through better discoverability by ranking higher in the app store search results. The thing is, keywords and creative compliment each other. When you’re familiar with the major terms that drive impressions for your app, creative that appear in the search results page—and appeal to your target user—will increase your “tap through rate” and/or conversion rates. The higher your “tap through rate” and conversion rate is for a specific keyword search, the higher the search algorithm ranks your relevancy, and the higher you rank for that keyword.
    1. A Successful ASO Strategy is underpinned by (Good) Hypothesis-Driven Optimization

    A strong ASO strategy is built on hypotheses of what combination of creative and messaging will cause the most users to download your app. Without (good) hypothesis testing, you risk wasting resources on unfocused experimentation.

    A good hypothesis is a precise statement that can be proven or disproven and should be used as a starting point for further investigation.

    The key is to first think broad, do research and use any existing data to hone in on ideas that can have an impact on your target users, and then create categories of ideas to test.

    1. Strong Creative and Messaging Are Integral to Running Successful Tests

    Based on our analyses of over 500M user sessions, we have identified the most impactful app store marketing assets
     in terms of potential CVR lifts…

    Our data shows that app store creative (i.e., App Preview Videos, Screenshots, and Icon) are the most impactful app store marketing assets

    After you have a test hypothesis and you want to begin designing creative, there are a number of things to consider:

    • Visitors have a short attention span:The average app store visitor will make the decision to download or drop within 3–6 seconds of landing on an app store page
    • Mobile screens are small:Remember the size of the canvas and paint accordingly. Too much information in too small a space is confusing to visitors and causes them to drop.
    • Crowd source: You know your app inside out. Your average visitor does not. Therefore, what might seem like a big difference in creative and messaging to you, could have little to no impact on the average visitor 
    1. A Winning ASO Strategy Is a Cycle Informed By Data.

    You’ve run the test; you’ve found the winner, now what? Here lies unarguably the most important component—translating the data into insights that further guide you.  

    A healthy analysis stage looks something like this:

    Analyze app store engagement: assess page asset performance to understand what users’ best respond to, and identify the strengths and weaknesses of all variations.

    Your strategy should be a cycle also because your market, competitors, and users are constantly evolving. Hence, you must constantly evolve. In fact, our data shows that leading apps test their creative assets at least 2-4 times before each app release. We have also found that leading apps update their store creative 1-2 times a month.

    The bottom line… a successful ASO strategy is more than just a game plan that will bring a one-time CVR boost. Rather, it’s about creating a strong, long-term strategy to allow for ongoing performance optimization of your app store.