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Unleash the infinite opportunities of email marketing with APICAL CONSULTING. Online email campaigns have surfaced as the most effective and affordable online advertising methods available to marketers today as businesses can see the results of email marketing in their measurable ROI. With the demand for the email marketing services hitting an all-time high, businesses are fast realizing that email marketing is more than just a passing fad. And with an increasing number of net users, large scale and SMEs are engaging in CRM using email marketing techniques for greater rates of success.

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  • ENGAGE YOUR AUDIENCE Reach consumers with personally relevant messages across email, mobile, social, web, customer care and offline channels – powered by best-in-class consumer intelligence. Only APICAL CONSULTING lets you keep track as consumers mature from anonymous visitors to loyal customers.
  • BUILD DATA-DRIVEN CAMPAIGNS Leverage consumer profile data, updated in real time, into carefully segmented campaigns. Implement behavior-based triggers, events, and personal milestones into intuitive customer journeys.
  • DELIVER PERSONALIZATION IN REAL TIME Serve personalized, data-driven content in the moment by tying real-time behavioral data to individual consumer profiles. Get personal with contextual personalization and behavioral retargeting.
  • ONE PLATFORM FUSES INSIGHTS AND EXECUTION Manage consumer profiles, design campaigns with next-level personalization, test and optimize your Omni channel campaigns with just one integrated marketing automation platform. That’s APICAL CONSULTING Marketing Cloud.



    Generic salutations just won’t do. Address your contacts by name and include key custom details in your messages. Use dynamic content to make sure you deliver only the most relevant, highly-personalized emails to your audience.


    Put your marketing communications on autopilot. Jump-start meaningful and lasting conversations with your subscribers from the moment they sign up.

    E-courses, educational cycles, weekly or daily tips, and more – managed in a drag-and-drop organizer.


    Blasting your emails to thousands of contacts with nothing in common is no way to build relationships and promote engagement.

    Use our advanced segmentation features to create groups of similar contacts with key commonalities and send highly-targeted, relevant messages. Group contacts based on custom data, geo location, subscription date and source, subscriber engagement, and so much more.


    Don’t get buried among other emails flooding your subscribers’ inboxes. Ensure optimized delivery through Perfect Timing. Messages only hit the inbox when each contact is most active, and therefore likely to open and engage with your message.

    Email knows no borders! Use the Time Travel feature to the max and make sure your message makes it to your contacts across the globe at the designated time for their time zone.

    Whatever delivery tricks you use, they just won’t work if your email marketing software doesn’t have a trusted, proven, and reputable deliverability status. White listed by all major ISPs, Get Response messages receive priority handling and enjoy 99% deliverability.


    Keep your fingers on the pulse of your email marketing campaigns. Track opens, clicks, social shares, and unsubscribed – all from one intuitive analytics dashboard.

    Segment contacts based on their message engagement, and take further action. Real time activity tracking lets you take a bird’s eye view and watch as contacts all over the globe receive, open, and click your messages.