Welcome to the most comprehensive, powerful and easy to use SMS platform…

  • Bulk SMS Redefined Reach out to millions within seconds. Easily schedule and send personalized texts and regional language messages.
  • SMS Attachments for the first time ever, attach files with text messages! Insert PDFs, images, word docs, spreadsheets and more.
  • Track Campaign Metrics Take the guesswork out of your SMS marketing campaigns! Get granular click reports for all links sent via text.
  • Mobile Solutions Create and send mobile tickets, discount vouchers, surveys and forms directly to your customers’ phones
  • Receive SMS Allow your customers to instantly reach out and get information by just texting into your short/long codes
  • Integrate SMS APIsOur simple APIs allow software and web developers to integrate any application with APICAL CONSULTING.
  • Send via App, Excel or EmailSend SMS the way you like - via web interface, APIs, Microsoft Excel, email gateway or mobile apps.
  • Enterprise Friendly Get started with multi-user accounts, role management, locked templates, audit trail, bespoke services & more...

    "Backed by robust SMS gateway infrastructure and fanatic customer support"

  • Unmatched Delivery Rates & SpeedOur direct partnership with multiple telecom operators, intelligent SMS gateway routing and robust infrastructure ensure best-in-class delivery rates, ultra-low latencies and 24x7 support for your texts. Our customers vouch for the rate of interest APICAL CONSULTING generates for them!
  • Fantastic Customer SupportOur mobile marketing experts and technology consultants are always at hand to help startups and SMEs run the best SMS campaigns. We pride ourselves on delivering superior support to all our customers, irrespective of the company size!
  • Authentic Real-Time ReportsAPICAL CONSULTING’s authentic real-time reports help you track delivery status of every SMS sent. Watch out for cheap bulk SMS service providers in the market who compromise quality and provide fake delivery reports for insanely low prices.


Choose the SMS route best suited for your business needs, whether it is for bulk SMS marketing or for customer engagement. Here is a quick guide to help you get started. Know more about regulatory guidelines.

  • Promotional SMS Configured by default for all new accounts, promotional SMS is generally used for sending any offers or promotions to new and existing customers. Messages are sent to non-DND numbers and opt-in numbers (via my DND Manager) between 9am and 9pm only. Start your free trial today!
  • Transactional SMS Transactional route can only be used for sending transactional SMS such as OTPs and alerts to your registered users. Messages can be sent 24/7 from your own 6-character Sender ID. To configure a transactional route, create your account today and contact us. No setup costs involved!
  • Business SMS We can configure both promotional and transactional SMS routes to you, free of cost, so that you can send any business SMS hassle-free! With platinum telecom partnership and intelligent routing technology, APICAL CONSULTING SMS gateway assures you best-in-class delivery rates for both bulk SMS and SMS alerts.